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No Smoke • No Spark • Easy to Light • Extreme High Heat • Sweet Smell

Free of Chemicals • Emits 30% Less Carbon Monoxide • Cook More Using Less



Klimis Klimentidis was born in Constantinople and in 1922, he moved to Kalamata, Greece. In 1968, he founded a company in Kalamata, that produced lime fertilizer. 


At that time, he avoided using fossil fuels like other industrial mills to fire his kilns and instead used recycled locally produced olive pomace wood , Olive pomace wood is a natural biomass by-product left over from the olive oil industry. When fired Olive pomace generates an intense amount of high heat energy, much greater than other agricultural biomass sources.



Surrounded by a magnificent landscape abundant in olive groves, he was inspired to do all that he could to help preserve the environment around him. He wondered if he could recycle the biomass left in his kilns after the first firing. So in 1992, after a lengthy process of research developement and experimentation, he found a way to re-use the waste for a second time and convert it into an alternative fuel source for commercial cooking. Imagine the idea of recycling the waste product of an already recycled biomass waste product and converting it into a sustainable heating fuel source again was absolutley revolutionary and ingenious which led to development of Olive Briq, for this we have been ackowledged and recognized as the World's First Green Product Of Its Kind. 


It wasn't long before he patented his briquettes and began to sell them locally.  These new, eco-friendly barbeque briquettes paved the way for a new and exceptional cooking experience for barbecue lovers everywhere. 


I started using Olive Briq in my Big Green Egg last summer and immediately fell in love with the product.   Imagine a charcoal that imparts great flavor, burns longer, cleaner, hotter (or slower) and comes from a sustainable source!


I particularly like to cook meats “low & slow” and Olive Briq makes that easy, just set things up before turning in for the night and you wake up to perfect Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket every time.


Craig Wakefield (Chef, Product Developer & BBQ Enthusiast


I've used Olive Briq, and they are wonderful. First cook was a high heat steak sear, the briquettes temperature clocked in at 953 degrees Fahrenheit  

( 512 C )

Last night I did a meatloaf, the temp was stable for the whole duration, about 2 hours. An hour in, I put a surface thermometer on the cooking grate over the coals, 560 degrees Fahrenheit ( 293 C ) 


Truly impressive ! Keep producing your excellent product. 

Derek Nickels - Kingston Ontario


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