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No Smoke • No Spark • Easy to Light • Extreme High Heat • Sweet Smell

Free of Chemicals • Emits 30% Less Carbon Monoxide • Cook More Using Less



Outdoor cooking is about more than just getting another meal on the table.  Cooking outdoors is an experience that brings together family and friends and is part of an outdoor lifestyle.   Today you have the opportunity to enhance this experience by choosing to cook with Olive Briq Premium BBQ Briquettes.


Until recently, cooking with charcoal meant only one thing, using wood charcoal or wood alternatives.  At a time when climate change and deforestation is a huge concern, Olive Briq allows you to be a part of the conservation of trees and not the destruction.  Now, for the first time, North Americans can choose a charcoal briquette that contains no wood products and comes from a sustainable source. 


Introducing Olive Briq.  Cooking with charcoal will never be the same!


In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards healthy living.  This lifestyle choice is not just limited to your own physical health but includes the well-being of our planet as well.  As a result, this trend has been making waves in the changing landscape of retail.  From organic produce, eco-friendly cleaning products and lighting solutions and more, there is a shift towards protecting ourselves and the environment.  Olive Briq is the first in North America to bring this change into the charcoal aisle of your local stores.  Our new and innovative product allows us to grow at a sustainable pace with the annual harvest in the olive groves of Kalamata, one of the world’s largest olive oil producing regions.


Bring a bag of Olive Briq briquettes home and see the difference.  You will immediately be surprised at how easily our briquettes light up.  You might even end up checking to see if they are actually lit when you don't see any smoke.  Not to worry, our product is smoke free and does not produce ash.  What does that mean for you?  It means that you won't be getting smoke and ash on your food or into your eyes and clothes.  And if that isn't enough, you can enjoy the true flavour of your food without unwanted bad tastes, because our product is free of chemicals.  Now that's a change!


So go ahead and put your meat, fish, vegetables or pizza on the grill and enjoy the experience of outdoor cooking!  The result will be great tasting food without the usual smell and taste that offends the senses.  Whether you are in your backyard, camping, on the beach or having a picnic, Olive Briq briquettes will guarantee a great grilling experience every time.  From the beautiful olive groves of Greece, directly to your grill, Olive Briq is starting conversations among family and friends.  Give our briquettes a try and see what everyone is talking about. 



I started using Olive Briq in my Big Green Egg last summer and immediately fell in love with the product.   Imagine a charcoal that imparts great flavor, burns longer, cleaner, hotter (or slower) and comes from a sustainable source!


I particularly like to cook meats “low & slow” and Olive Briq makes that easy, just set things up before turning in for the night and you wake up to perfect Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket every time.


Craig Wakefield (Chef, Product Developer & BBQ Enthusiast


I've used Olive Briq, and they are wonderful. First cook was a high heat steak sear, the briquettes temperature clocked in at 953 degrees Fahrenheit  

( 512 C )


Last night I did a meatloaf, the temp was stable for the whole duration, about 2 hours. An hour in, I put a surface thermometer on the cooking grate over the coals, 560 degrees Fahrenheit ( 293 C ) 


Truly impressive ! Keep producing your excellent product. 

Derek Nickels - Kingston Ontario


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