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No Smoke • No Spark • Easy to Light • Extreme High Heat • Sweet Smell

Free of Chemicals • Emits 30% Less Carbon Monoxide • Cook More Using Less



For years, the olive oil industry has struggled to find a way to dispose of the waste it produces  with minimal effects on the environment.  During the olive oil extraction process, a biomass waste known as pomace, is produced.  Historically, this biomass waste was sent to landfills, which contaminated the soil and made its way into streams.  Any attempt to compost or burn the waste was complicated by the fact that it required expensive pre-treatment.  The olive oil industry is a huge enterprise in Greece and the disposal of waste from the manufacturing process has been a serious problem...until now.

Social and Environmental Responsibility


At Olive Briq, we believe in taking responsibility for our actions and the impact we have on our fragile environment.  By choosing Olive Briq, consciencious consumers can advance our cause of protecting and preserving our natural world for generations to come.

Our core values are centered around: 

      protection of the environment

      reducing deforestation

      recycling & sustainability 

      reduce our environmental impact

Olive Briq Premium BBQ briquettes are the first of their kind, innovative and green product.  We are dedicated to minimizing the use and waste of our natural resources while at the same time, reducing harmful emissions into the environment. 


Our product is made from recycled olive pit wood

It is 100 % renewable and free of petro-chemical accelerants

Our briquettes emit 30% less carbon monoxide than traditional wood charcoal

100 % of the water used in production is recycled

We are committed to a framework that supports a Circular Economy

We adhere to a sustainable business model

We maintain a proactive approach to environmental challenges in this market

Process transparency is driven through the European Union's EMAS

(Eco-Management Audit Scheme) Organization


How are we adhering to our core values?


Help STOP deforestation because on average it takes 10 TONS of Wood to produce just 
1 TON of wood charcoal !!!

 World annual deforestation is estimated at 13.7 million hectares a year, equal to
the area of Greece. Only half of this area is compensated by new forests or forest growth. In addition to directly human-induced deforestation, the growing forests have also been affected by climate change increasing risks of storms and diseases.


     Source - UN



I started using Olive Briq in my Big Green Egg last summer and immediately fell in love with the product.   Imagine a charcoal that imparts great flavor, burns longer, cleaner, hotter (or slower) and comes from a sustainable source!


I particularly like to cook meats “low & slow” and Olive Briq makes that easy, just set things up before turning in for the night and you wake up to perfect Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket every time.


Craig Wakefield (Chef, Product Developer & BBQ Enthusiast


I've used Olive Briq, and they are wonderful. First cook was a high heat steak sear, the briquettes temperature clocked in at 953 degrees Fahrenheit           ( 512 C )

Last night I did a meatloaf, the temp was stable for the whole duration, about 2 hours. An hour in, I put a surface thermometer on the cooking grate over the coals, 560 degrees Fahrenheit ( 293 C ) 


Truly impressive ! Keep producing your excellent product. 


Derek Nickels - Kingston Ontario


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