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Business Planet

The show "Business Planet", of the European channel Euronews filmed the Messinian company "KLIMIS" last week.

The theme of the show, which first part was filmed in Kalamata at the company's facilities, concerns the circular economy and the European environmental management tool, Eco Management Audit Scheme (EMAS), that KLIMIS company maintains and applies for producing olive barbecue briquettes. The broadcast of the film will be done late in January 2016 and as the company mentioned in her announcement, this is an important promotion both for KLIMIS company and also for the city of Kalamata. Business Planet is a 3 minute TV magazine focused on SMEs success stories. Each story is broadcast 15 times in 13 languages in 158 countries. Every day, Euronews is reaching 10 million people around the world. In the same announcement also reported that KLIMIS company is an example to follow as it holds two European EMAS awards in the last six years (2009 & 2014) for the production of the innovative olive barbecue briquettes.

In the interview, which took place from the producer and presenter of the show Mr. Serge Rombi, the General Director of Sales, Mrs. Dimitra Kottaridi mentioned the production processes, the advantages of olive barbecue briquettes, the achievements and the company’s benefits through environmental management system EMAS. Also we have to mentioned that except KLIMIS facilities some shots were taken from the Historic Centre of Kalamata and some panoramic shots of Kalamata city from village Verga.

The second part of the show was filmed in the Onassis Foundation in Athens. Mrs. Alexia Economopoulou, responsible for EMAS, from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Biodiversity Protection Division, Soil and Waste Management Department of Environmental Certification, referred to the purposes the ways and the benefits of implementation of EMAS by companies and organizations.


I started using Olive Briq in my Big Green Egg last summer and immediately fell in love with the product.   Imagine a charcoal that imparts great flavor, burns longer, cleaner, hotter (or slower) and comes from a sustainable source!


I particularly like to cook meats “low & slow” and Olive Briq makes that easy, just set things up before turning in for the night and you wake up to perfect Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket every time.


Craig Wakefield (Chef, Product Developer & BBQ Enthusiast


I've used Olive Briq, and they are wonderful. First cook was a high heat steak sear, the briquettes temperature clocked in at 953 degrees Fahrenheit

 ( 512 C )

Last night I did a meatloaf, the temp was stable for the whole duration, about 2 hours. An hour in, I put a surface thermometer on the cooking grate over the coals, 560 degrees Fahrenheit ( 293 C ) 


Truly impressive ! Keep producing your excellent product. 

Derek Nickels - Kingston Ontario

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